Direct Services

Available Services

Services include psychological assessment and consultation, TC services, behavior support, person centered support, respite, supported employment, nursing services and Service Coordination (SC) for eligible persons with disabilities.

Therapeutic Consultant

Therapeutic Consultant services include developing an effective partnership assessment of an individual’s interests and dreams, strengths and needs which are incorporated in the development client driven training programs. All supports are designed to meet the individual’s needs, ensure quality and on-going monitoring of treatment programs, staff supervision, training and consultation with direct care providers and families. Therapeutic Consultant services are proactive services provided in the home and community setting. They are a part of an overall therapeutic action plan as specified by the Interdisciplinary Team during service planning sessions for each client.

    Behavior Support

    We help identify specific behaviors which may be problematic and assess the function or purpose of the behaviors to be addressed. An individualized program of intervention is then written including step-by-step guidelines for both the prevention of targeted behaviors and interventions to use when the identified behaviors occur. Our goal is to replace undesirable behavior with positive behaviors that promote effective social or personal interaction. We provide ongoing education and training to care providers and direct care staff to implement the program consistently. This is done in natural environments including the home, day program, etc. Programs are continuously monitored for effectiveness through data collection and ongoing contact with care providers and staff.

      Person Centered Supports

      Person Centered Supports are provided in a client’s residence and in the community. The Direct Care Staff implementing Person Centered Supports is responsible for implementing habilitation programs and providing support services to enable the client to acquire and maintain skills which will allow him/her to live and socialize more independently.

        Supported Employment

        Supported Employment services are services that enable individuals to engage in paid, competitive employment, in integrated community settings. The services are designed to assist individuals for whom competitive employment at or above minimum wage is unlikely without such support.


          We recognize the importance of the physical and emotional well-being of the primary care providers. Respite services provide staff to assist care providers in time of crisis, emergency or when they just need a break. Respite services can occur on weekends and after day habilitation or employment programs are completed. Whenever possible, qualified family members and/or significant others will be included and given priority in hiring and the employment of their program service staff.

            Nursing Service

            Nursing services are services listed in the plan of care of the IPP (Individual Program Plan) for each individual which are within the scope of the state’s nursing act and are provided by a registered professional nurse, or a licensed practical nurse (under the supervision of a registered nurse). The nurse will work with the direct care staff to assess client’s medical needs, hygiene issues and daily living skills that might affect personal health. Services will also help clients and families understand medication use, side effects and adverse reactions. A nurse will meet with the client/guardian to discuss specific medical issues, help increase communication with doctors, medication administration and other health care concerns.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Who is eligible for services?

            All individuals who receive funding under the Title XIX Waiver Program and individuals with a valid Medicaid card and who carry a psychiatric or substance abuse diagnosis. Services are also available on a private pay basis.

            I live in McDowell County, do you provide services here?

            Yes. We currently provide the full range of services to 29 counties in WV. We have offices in most geographic regions.

            I am interested in your services, what do I need to do?

            Identify your personal dreams, wishes, and goals. What are the issues and concerns you want to resolve? What resources, responsibilities, and natural supports already exist? What would you, your family, and support team want PAIS, Inc. staff to do? Then, call us! Thank you.

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