Case Management


We provide independent case management so that I/DD waiver participants and their families may receive case management services with no conflict of interest from service providers. Our Case Management services are designed to ensure accessibility, accountability and continuity of supports and services.

What do we mean by conflict of interest?

Case Managers employed by the same agency that provides other support (direct care, etc.) services may be influenced by their employer to: not make referrals outside of their agency, recommend services and service amounts based on what the agency can provide, and/or discourage obtaining services from other agencies and service delivery models.

    How is PAIS, LLC different from other agencies?

    We have an emphasis on extensive training for our Case Managers, stringent quality assurance standards, and caseload sizes that support the needs of our clients.


    Accepting Title XIX Waiver referrals and providing assistance for application of Title XIX benefits.

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