Behavior Management Services

What is Behavior Management?

A science devoted to the process of changing people’s behavior. Behavior management utilizes a set of techniques proven effective in decreasing unwanted behavior such as tantrums or increasing desirable behavior such as completion of chores.


What Can Be Done:


Identify the functional behaviors you have or observe.


Organize your most important team or family members.


Think or plan your future goals. Do your behaviors support this?

Available Services


A referral source refers a prospective behavior management consumer to PAIS, LLC when the need for services is indicated. A meeting is held between the family, the Behavior Management Specialist and other interested parties. Services are explained to the family. Should the family decide to pursue services, a visit is made to the home by the Behavior Management Specialist and Behavior Management Aide.


    The Behavior Management Aide conducts a Behavior Analysis over a period of 2-3 weeks. This consists of observing the client’s behavior, documenting those events occurring prior to the behavior, the specific behaviors and those events occurring during and after a behavior is exhibited.

    The Behavior Management Aide and Behavior Management Specialist review the Behavior Analysis and complete a Functional Analysis of each behavior. The Functional Analysis identifies possible functions of each behavior based on the idea all behavior serves to communicate some want to need.

    A summary report will be developed from the Functional Analysis and the report reviewed and discussed with the family. Behaviors are rated based on severity, the prioritized and identified for intervention.

      Program Development

      The Behavior Management Specialist assists the Behavior Management Aide in developing a Behavior Management Program, specific written guidelines for the family to use when a behavior identified for the intervention occurs. Specific program goals are developed along with documentation and data collection procedures to allow evaluation of the effectiveness of the proposed interventions.

        Program Implementation

        The Behavior Management Aide supervises implementation of the Behavior Management Program. Implementation consists of educating and training the family on implementing the program procedures. This is accomplished through discussion, reminders, providing constructive feedback and modeling specific interventions.

          Program Monitoring

          Program monitoring assesses the effectiveness of the Behavior Management Program on reducing unwanted behavior and increasing desirable behavior. The Behavior Management Program is viewed as flexible and continually requiring refinement based on its effectiveness. As a result, interventions may be altered on an ongoing basis.


            As the goals of the Behavior Management Program are achieved, the time spent in the home by the Behavior Management Aide is gradually reduced. This reduction may be in the number of hours or days in the home or a combination of both. The goal is to reduce in-home services to monthly follow-up visits.

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