Direct Care Staff

Job Description

A. Position: Direct Care Staff

B. Qualifications

1. At least 18 years old

2. High school diploma or GED

3. CIB prior to providing services (must be clear of any misdemeanor or felony conviction of abuse and neglect of a child and/or abuse and neglect of an incapacitated adult)

4. Current certification in CPR

5. Current certification in First Aid

6. Valid driver’s license

7. Vehicle in good running order

8. Current auto insurance

9. Must be able to lift up to 75 lbs.  

C. General Description

All Direct Care Staff provide direct, hands on services to the client in various locations.  Services may include any and/or all of the following:

1. Respite

Respite care is temporary care and supervision for a participant who cannot provide for all of his/her needs.  This service is used for short term intervals due to the absence/need of the participant’s primary care giver(s).  Respite care may include any of the following: supervision, monitoring, implementation of a behavior support plan, implementation of medical plans of care and habilitation training.

2. Person Centered Supports

Person Centered Supports are provided in a client’s residence and in the community.  The DCS implementing Person Centered Supports is responsible for implementing habilitation programs and providing support services to enable the client to acquire and maintain skills which will allow him/her to live and socialize more independently.

3. Supported Employment

Supported Employment services are services that enable individuals to engage in paid, competitive employment, in integrated community settings.  The services are designed to assist individuals for whom competitive employment at or above minimum wage is unlikely without such support. 

D. Responsibilities

1. Advocate for the client’s care, safety, and welfare as an active member of the treatment team of the person served.  

2. Assist in the on-going development and implementation of each person’s training programs. 

3. Document all activities through progress notes and data collection as outlined within the individual treatment plan.

4. Recognize and report changes in behavior to the appropriate SDS, BSS and/or  Clinical Director

5. Provide transportation as needed.

6. Attend and participate in regular staff training and scheduling meetings.  

7. Maintain confidentiality and privacy regarding all client’s information.

8. Respect the rights of the client and the client’s family.

9. Complete daily documentation of all agency required material.

10. Complete incident reports in accordance with policy and procedures. 11. Understand and implement the agency’s philosophy, policies and mission.

12. Understand and follow the agency chain of communication.

13. Work cooperatively with other team members to carry out the goals and  objectives of the client.

14. Serve as a liaison between the agency and the community in daily  activities with clients.

15. Ensure the safety and well being of the client on a daily basis.       16. Work cooperatively with other team members to carry out the program goals and objectives for each client.

17. Develop and foster a professional relationship with the client based on mutual respect and trust.

18. Report any actual or suspected abuse/neglect in accordance with policy and procedure.

19. Other client specific duties as assigned by the supervisor.

E. Training:

1. Overview of Developmental Disabilities

2. Principles of Normalization

3. People First Language

4. Sensitivity to participants and family concerns and needs

5. Participant Specific Training on IPP goals, objectives and programs

6. Consumer rights and confidentiality

7. Recognition and reporting abuse and neglect

8. Documentation requirements

9. MR/DD Waiver Manual

10. Positive Behavioral Support

11. Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

F. Documentation

1. Progress Notes

2. Habilitation Program Data Sheets 

3. ABC Data Sheets

4. Other documentation as assigned 

G. Supervisor: Therapeutic Consultant/Behavior Support Professional