Behavior Support Professional II

Job Description

Position: Behavior Support Professional II


A. Bachelor’s Degree in Human Service Field.

B. Comprehensive knowledge of behavior management principles and techniques.  

C. At least one year of paid experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities.

Pay Range: Pay Scale Policy


A. Habilitation Programming

1. Understand the IPP and IDT processes.

2. Understand how to determine needs based on client needs, goals, dreams, etc.

3. Complete Skills Assessment to determine basic client skills levels.

4. Write competent task analyses for skill deficits/needs.

5. Develop appropriate habilitation programs based on skill deficits/needs.

6. Train staff and/or care providers in implementation and documentation of habilitation programs.

7. Provide ongoing monitoring of the implementation of the habilitation programs through observation and review of data.  

8. Make needed changes to habilitation programs along with training for any new or additional procedures.

9. Assure training with new employees on behavior support plans.

10. Document all activities in progress notes.

11. Compile, analyze and graph monthly habilitation program data for all clients.

12. Actively seek out resources and conduct independent research into areas necessary to provide adequate Behavior Support programs.

13. Actively participate in local Internal Review Committee meetings.

14. Meet or exceed established billing expectations.

B. Staff Management and Administrative Duties

1. Provide leadership for each served individual’s service team.

2. Participate in hiring of all Direct Care Staff in assigned homes.

3. Assure all direct care staff are appropriately trained and credentialed.

4. Model appropriate interactive and redirection techniques to direct care staff.

5. Schedule staff meetings as required and/or requested.

6. Conduct and supervise staff scheduling meetings per policy.

Schedule staff to meet the client’s service needs as outlined in the IPP.

7. Insure that all shifts are covered with appropriately trained staff.


9. Evaluate the quality of services being provided by each staff member through compliance and proficiency evaluations.

10. Implement the Disciplinary Policy with all staff supervised. 

11. Respond to all pages/calls ina timely manner.

12. Complete 45 day and annual Performance Evaluations  for Direct Care staff.

13. Maintain up to date Client Program Files.

14. Notify Clinical Director when file information is not made available by  other service providers.

15. Review, complete and submit all payroll information and billing forms in a timely matter as outlined by the Clinical Director.

16. Schedule staff to meet the client’s service needs as outlined in the IPP.

17. Insure that all shifts are covered with appropriately trained staff.

18. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


1. Overview of Developmental Disabilities

2. Principles of Normalization

3. People First Language

4. Sensitivity to participants and family concerns and needs

5. Participant Specific Training on IPP goals, objectives and programs

6. Consumer rights and confidentiality

7. Recognition and reporting abuse and neglect

8. Documentation requirements

9. MR/DD Waiver Manual

10. Positive Behavior Support

11. Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

12. Person Centered Planning

13. TC Training

14. PAIS, Inc. Policies and Procedures

15. Time/Billing Entry

16. PAIS Computer System

17. E mail


1. Skills Assessment

2. Task Analysis 

3. Habilitation Programs

4. Prompting Heirarchy

5. Incident Reports

6. Progress notes/monthly summaries 

7. Other documentation as required.

Supervisor: Clinical Director