Administrative Assistant


Job Description

Position:                   Administrative Assistant

                                1.  High School Diploma
                                2.  Working knowledge of WordPerfect and various database systems
                                3.  Lift in excess of 50 lbs.

General Description:

The Administrative Assistant will perform a variety of office tasks/activities to support the Clinical Director and to assist with all administrative needs of each area office.


1.  Assist with payroll for the area including reviewing employee’s time sheets to insure accuracy, insuring all necessary payroll information is obtained and submitting payroll information to the Regional Business Manager in the appropriate time frame.

2.  Assist with medicaid billing by insuring accuracy of all billing forms for the area and submitting the billing information to the Regional Business Manager in the appropriate time frame.

3.  Maintain an inventory system for all supplies needed in the service area.

4.  Complete monthly time billing reports.

5.  Maintain Employee Information Database including entering information into the database, filing the information into the personnel files and printing out monthly reports.

6.  Compile and maintain new employee/new client packets for the service area.

7.  Assist with obtaining criminal background checks for new employees’ including taking fingerprints, insuring the background requests forms are completely filled out, mailing the form and tracking the return of the results of the check.

8.  Oversee outgoing mail and obtain incoming mail on a daily basis.

9.  Responsible for answering the phone, taking messages and checking the voice mail on a daily basis.

10.  Submit mileage logs to the PAIS Business Manager each month for all employees providing transportation services.

11.  Assist the Clinical Director with the submission of Satisfaction Surveys twice a year.

12.  Maintain client charts including filing all documentation within the appropriate time frame and insuring current documentation is present according to the Title XIX Waiver requirements.

13.  Assist with copying and compiling documentation each month for each client.

14.  Assist with compiling documentation each month and submitting to service coordination agencies upon their request.

15. Maintain a supply of commonly used forms for the area office.

16. The Administrative Assistant will also be responsible for any other tasks in assisting the Clinical Director.

17. Maintain computers and equipment and submit repair/service requests to the Regional Business Manager.

18. Maintain staff medical files.

19. Complete drug testing for new employees.

20. Advertisement and recruitment of direct care staff.


1. Policies and Procedures
2. Finger printing
3. Client charts
4. Phone operation
5. Databases
6. CPR/First Aid
7. Abuse and Neglect
8. Incident Reporting

Supervisor: Clinical Director