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Service Coordinator

                                                        Job Description

Position: Service Coordinator


Bachelor’s Degree in Human Service Field OR Four year degree in a non-human services field and one year experience in the I/DD field.

Skills Considered Necessary to the Position: 
  • Proficient Word-processing/Typing Skills (approximately 75% of time is spent typing, the rest is field work)
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills (responsible for assuring agencies and individuals work cooperatively, as well as meeting with providers and clients in their homes)
  • Problem-solving and creative thinking skills (issues regarding client care may require ability to “think outside of the box”)
  • Math Proficiency (basic math and algebra skills) 

Pay Range: Pay Scale Policy


  • Assist the client and/or legal representative with re-determination of financial eligibility as required at the DHHR office in the county where the client lives.
  • Begin the discharge process and provide linkage to services appropriate to the level of need when a client is found to be ineligible for I/DD Waiver Services. 
  • Provide oral and written information about PAIS rights and grievance procedures for clients served by the agency. 
  • Inform families or custodians of children less than three years of age about the availability of Birth to Three Services. 
  • Act as an advocate for the client. 
  • Provide education, linkage and referral to community resources. 
  • Promote a valuable and meaningful social role for the client in the community while recognizing the client’s unique cultural and personal value system. 
  • Interface with the ASO on behalf of the client in regard to the assessment process, purchase of services and budget process. Activities may include linkage, negotiation of services, submission of information, coordination of choice of appropriate assessment respondents on behalf of the client, education and coordination of the most appropriate assessment setting that best meets the client’s needs. 
  • Communicate with other service providers on the IDT to allow for continuity of services and payment of services. 
  • Coordinate necessary evaluations to be utilized as a basis of need and recommendation for services in the development of the IPP. 
  • Notify IDT clients 30 calendar days in advance of meeting. 
  • Support the client as necessary to convene and conduct IDT meetings. 
  • Coordinate development of IPPs annually. The IPP must be reviewed & approved by the IDT at least every 90 days unless otherwise specified in the IPP, but will not exceed 180 days. 
  • Access the necessary resources detailed in the IPP, make referrals to qualified service providers and resources, and monitor that service providers implement the instructional, behavioral and service objectives of the IPP.
  • Disseminate copies of the IPP to the IDT clients and Participant-Directed Service Option providers (if applicable) within 14 calendar days of the IDT meeting. 
  • Monitor to assure that the client’s health and safety needs are addressed. 
  • Conduct Monthly Home Visits (DD-3). Personally meet with the client and their paid or natural supports who are present with the client at the client’s residence to verify that services are being delivered in a safe environment, in accordance with the IPP and appropriately documented and that the client continues to be financially eligible. Complete and submit DD-12 when visit cannot be conducted. 
  • Conduct Day Visits (DD-3) every other month (if applicable). Personally meet with the client and their support staff at the client’s facility-based day program. Complete and submit DD-12 when visit cannot be conducted. 
  • Provide planning and coordination before, during and after crises, including notifying the ASO if a client is admitted to a crisis site or state institution. 
  • Process Freedom of Choice forms (DD-2) in the CareConnection® within two business days any time a client requests a change of service delivery options, as well as when the DD-2 is not completed at the annual functional assessment and must be completed at the Annual IPP IDT meeting. 
  • Coordinate Transfer/Discharge meetings to ensure the linkage to a new service provider or service delivery option and access to services when transferring services from one provider agency to another or to another type of service delivery option. Coordination efforts must continue until the transfer of services is finalized. 
  • Travel as necessary to complete Service Coordination activities related to the IPP. 
  • Inform the client of their rights at least annually. 
  • Attend and participate in the annual functional assessment for eligibility conducted by ASO. 
  • Present client’s proposed restrictive measures to the I/DD Waiver provider agency’s Human Rights Committee (HRC) if no other professional is presenting the same information. 
  • Monitor any restrictive measures approved by the HRC to ensure measures are implemented properly and reviewed at least annually by the HRC and by the IDT at every IDT meeting. 
  • Review services provided to verify the client receives services as indicated on the IPP. 
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by supervisor. 


  1. Overview of Developmental Disabilities
  2. Principles of Normalization
  3. People First Language
  4. Sensitivity to participants and family concerns and needs
  5. Consumer rights and confidentiality
  6. Recognition and reporting abuse and neglect
  7. Documentation requirements
  8. I/DD Waiver Manual
  9. Positive Behavior Support
  10. Nonviolent Crisis Intervention
  11. Person Centered Planning
  12. SC Training Curriculum
  13. PAIS, Inc. Policies and Procedures
  14. Time/Billing Entry
  15. PAIS Computer System
  16. E mail
  17. CPR/FA 


  1. DD Forms
  2. Intake Forms 
  3. Incident Reports 
  4. Progress Notes 
  5. Other documentation as required. 

Supervisor:        Service Coordination Supervisor

Mentor:        Service Coordination Supervisor

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