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Quality Assurance Director

Job Description

Position: Quality Assurance Director


1. Bachelor’s Degree in Human Service Field.
2. At least five years of direct experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities.
3. At least one year of staff supervisory experience.

Salary Range: Open

General Description:

The Quality Assurance Director is generally responsible for the Quality Assurance (QA) Reviews completed monthly in each of the area offices in which Title XIX Community Based MR/DD Waiver services are provided. The reviews are to include all components of the Quality Assurance process as well as any additional items to ensure quality services are provided.


1. Complete Quality Assurance Reviews per policy.

2. Perform monthly professional staff billing audits in conjunction with QA reviews.

3. Review and approve plans of correction and corresponding documentation resulting from the QA reviews.

4. Attend monthly Management Team Meetings and Internal Review Committee meetings and provide required documentation.

5. Review reports and Plan of Corrections resulting from Licensure and Waiver reviews.

6. Attend Waiver Contact Meetings at the discretion of the Executive Director.

7. All other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.


1. Overview of Developmental Disabilities
2. Principles of Normalization
3. People First Language
4. Sensitivity to participants and family concerns and needs
5. Participant Specific Training on IPP goals, objectives and programs
6. Consumer rights and confidentiality
7. Recognition and reporting abuse and neglect
8. Documentation requirements
9. MR/DD Waiver Manual
10. Positive Behavior Support
11. Nonviolent Crisis Intervention
12. All Policies and Procedures


1. QA Review Forms
2. QA Billing Audit Forms
3. Other documentation as required.

Supervisor: Executive Director

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