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Charge Licensed Practical Nurse

Job Description

Position: Charge Licensed Practical Nurse

Area Served: All Areas

Education Requirements:

Posses a current, active West Virginia license in good standing to practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

Pay Range: Negotiable

 Responsibilities include: 

1. Completing and over seeing LPN med pass schedule for area served on day to day basis.

 2. Schedule and attend medical appointments for clients in service area. Includes completion of medical appointment form and obtaining signatures for consent for administration of medications.

 3. Over seeing the ordering and storage of medications to assure a constant supply. This includes obtaining needed lab work.  

4. Overseeing MAR if no AMAP is delivering medications on routine basis. 

5. Monitoring of client medical equipment for safety and proper functioning. 

6. Maintain current emergency contact sheets. 

7. Administer medications and document administration as required. 

8. Ensure physician orders are current, properly documented and communicated to LPN/DCS as needed.

9. Maintain home nursing medication book and assure all paper work is current and complete.  

10. Face-to-face assessments or evaluations of a client. For example, rash, recent injury, cold/flu symptoms, complaints of pain, possible side effects or adverse reactions to medications. 

11. Addressing a participants’s medical needs after instructions by the RN.  

12. Report to Regional RN about condition of client on an as needed basis.  

13. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by supervisor. Supervision received: Regional RN

Supervision received:  Regional RN


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